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Mission Reports

"... ye shall be my witnesses ..." - Acts 1:8


Kogi Conference was on a mission trip to Ogori. This is a Local Government Area (LGA) without a Baptist Church after the Century celebration of Baptist in Nigeria. This LGA is saturated with Anglicans, Roman catholics and Deeper Life etc. They speak Yoruba and within the Ogori community as small as it is they have not less than fourteen professors and they are really enlighten.
Thank God for the breaking of ground for a Baptist Church there now. This new ground needs our support to build; musical equipment, chairs and even financial support for the Pastor called who has been moving from house to house to evangelize is highly solicited. For century now other christian faith dominated the place. Please pray along and support this work and Pastor J.A. Oke on gsm 08070568668 /07033611908

Thank you and God bless for doing so.

Therefore go and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen. (Matthew 28:19-20)
MMUNBC - Benin Republic Mission Trip ReportThis was the command The Master gave the Disciples when He was leaving this earth, and it is still the command given to all Christians (the Redeemed). There are groups of men, but what distinguishes us from others is the word ‘Missionary’ which we do not just bear by name but in action.
Ten of us as led by the National Coordinator Pastor Festus Akinola left our office in Molete, Ibadan, Nigeria for Pobe, Benin Republic on September 29, 2016.
On arrival at Benin Republic, we met the unexpected. The cost of accommodation went beyond we could easily maneuver; hence we reduced our stay in the Mission Field from four to three days. This however did not hinder us from making meaningful impact for the Lord.
We went straight to their Proposed Conference Secretariat site in Kokoroke. The explanation we got from the Contact Missionary Revd. Kolade Ojo, revealed that what they have in mind for the on-going project was far bigger than the size of the land acquired which was ten (10) plots according to him (the Missionary), and owing to the standard of measurement there. The Missionary said the facility will serve as camp site, guest house, secretariat, etc. Though the present project which was in a remorse area with the probability of development in future needed roofing, we prioritise acquisition of more land to have a larger space for the intended facility. We therefore told the Missionary to get twenty (20) plots more- to make thirty (30) plots which is about three (3) acres. We added that effort should be made to acquire the land to the right hand side of the project which was towards the visible road; where it is not possible however, they can get it to the other side. It should be stated that we committed that the cost of the additional plots of land will be on the Men’s Missionary Union of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Of course, we did not leave the place without committing the project to the care of the Lord as the National Coordinator led us in prayer.
The second day was a very long one. We started out some kilometers away from our base to a Baptist Church in another village entirely where Pastors and some Church Leaders in the Mission Field were already waiting to meet with us. It was a Mission Field, yet we were welcomed with RA and Lydia Parade. In his speech to the Parade Squad, the National Coordinator appreciated them for their effort though there is always room for improvement, and observed that the Band Set was not complete and without trumpet to complement their effort. He thereafter promised to discuss with some people who will raise fund to get them trumpets which was on one hand, and those that will train them on the other hand. The
commitment on their part was to make themselves available at Ilaro, Ogun State in Nigeria on arrangement with those that will be organised to train them in a chosen venue (in Ilaro).
We went into the Church for the continuation of the programme. The leader of the delegation Pastor Festus Akinola was introduced by the Missionary Revd. Kolade Ojo, so that he can introduce us all to the assembly. In the course of the introduction, he encouraged us to ‘enjoy’ the heat in the church auditorium as the regular congregation of the church do. He went further to say that we will not because of the heat rush our programme. After the introduction, he said that though there will still be opportunity for interactive session because we would not assume we have known all that we need to know about you, he was informed that the church (where we were meeting) was a church that pull crowd. There was always an overflow in their vigil, hence the extension outside the auditorium. To that effect, he promised that we will provide fifty (50) plastic chairs as a way to reduce the discomfort. If they are enduring the heat during service, they should enjoy their sitting.
Since it was a gathering of mostly Pastors, he said that it is a misconception to refer to a Pastor as a Preacher. The work of a Pastor is more than to preach, that in fact every believer in Christ should be a preacher. Another issue he corrected was that every Mission Field always waits for people to come and do things for them, and he discovered that Ohori Mission Field was no exception. He said that it was not that there was a place we took money from or we were going to take from to redeem all the promises made; it has been from people who always give cheerfully. He therefore encouraged them to cultivate the habit of giving, that people like us will always come to assist in whichever way God is leading us. The National Coordinator on behalf of the MMU of the Nigerian Baptist Convention gave about seventy five copies of our Missions Book to them. He further promised that when they want to buy copies of the Missions for next year 2017, it will be given to them with a reduction in price of a minimum of thirty seven percent (37%) – that though the book was sold for four hundred naira (N400), they will get it at a discounted rate of at most two hundred and fifty naira (N250) only.
Barrister Bankole took them on how the Missions Book is being used; the challenges of meeting up with the weekly topics. Though the lifestyle in Lagos and Benin are two ends, he gave them tips on how some churches manage their time in Lagos. He said that what should be paramount to them was to work out how they can effectively use the book with respect to the key factors (nature of job, language, etc) that may be affecting their men. They were then divided into classes where a topic relating to health from the Missions Book was chosen for discussion. Our men from Nigeria were the teachers in each class.
The meeting was rounded off with the classes coming back together for an interactive session with Pastor Festus Akinola. Issue germane to them in observing the MMU Meeting regularly was lack of commitment on the part of the men. Among suggestions given was that there was never a best time for ALL men (people), that they can always pick a time that is relatively accommodating for a good number of the men. Where it is possible, they can have more than one sitting- that is for instance if a person was not available for the meeting during the week, he can choose the after Sunday Service MMU Meeting.
We held a Film Ministration later in the day in front of another Baptist in a different village. It must be said that there were several reasons not to hold the programme- intermittent rain, there was a crusade to be held same time (though we heard with wrong doctrine), etc; we however thanked God that the programme was held. The available RA Band they had (which was not a complete Band Set), went out for awareness of the Ministration, and they came back with some people who formed part of the congregation for the night. Before the Film Ministration, those who returned with RA Band first had a rejoicing and dancing session. The host Pastor on starting the programme proper took the congregation through a Prayer Session before the commencement of the Film Ministration. The film which was titled “Ole Emi” (spiritual thief/robbery) was followed with another Prayer Session. We really give glory to God because we did not allow the hindrances to prevent us from holding the event, for it was indeed an experience. People willingly came out to be prayed for with their diverse issues, deliverances were conducted for some, while some still gave their lives to Christ.
Prior to our departure from Pobe in Benin Republic on October1, 2016, we had a chat with the contact Missionary Revd. Kolade Ojo, where the National Coordinator encouraged him that God will never forget them (him, other Pastors on the Mission Field and their families) especially their children with reference to their education in particular. He said that the zeal he saw in the Pastors on the Field made him believed that of a truth they were called to the Mission Field. He added that his belief was confirmed by a statement made by Revd. Kolade Ojo during an informal chat with him (Revd. Ojo) where he said, “we were the ones that received the calling to come to Mission Fields, whatever anybody does is only to support us, and when it is not coming, we are not moved”.
We concluded the assignment with prayer led by the Missionary who committed our return to Nigeria to the Hand of God. Let me specially appreciate our members who gave cheerfully to add to what we gave to the Pastors on the Field. God will continue to bless and reward you in all your endeavors. We arrived Nigeria the same day- October 1,2016; and I am confident to report that everybody got home under the safe watch of God because I contacted all that embarked on the journey when they got to their homes (in Nigeria).
MMU National Coordinator


We God the glory for the privilege to be tools in His hand. We travelled for the mission trip on the 8th July 2016.

Before our arrival we’ve sent money for the digging of foundation and moulding of blocks for the foundation at Akelegbe.

Fig. 1:- Blocks mould for foundation at Akelegbe.


We went on house to house evangelism in Jabbi to witness to men that are not coming to church that their wives are church members.

We laid the foundation of the Anointed Baptist Church Akelegbe, Benin Republic on the 9th July 2016. Rev. Ojo Kolade Missionary of Global Mission of Nigerian Baptist Convention to Benin Republic. The following people laid each of the corners of the church auditorium: Rev. Ojo Kolade, Pastor Michael Akinola (host Pastor), Bro. Oladele Odebunmi (MMU TAGBA Chairman) and Bro. Kunle Olaniyan (immediate past MMU Chairman). The work of the building is in progress. We are trusting God for provision for the work its estimated that we will need N3.5 Million to complete the church building at Akelegbe.

Fig. 2: Pastor Michael Akinola (host Pastor)                 Fig. 3.  Rev. Ojo Kolade laying foundation


Fig.4: Construction work in progress as at 9th July 2016 evening.

The flooring of the church building of Goshen Baptist Church Jabbi as also began.

The following are the needs of the church at Jabbi, Benin Republic

  • Plastering of the walls inner and outer,
  • Sealing of the roof
  • Plumbing works of the toilet and the baptistery
  • Aluminium windows to the windows
  • Doors
  • Painting
  • Electrical wiring
  • Pastor’s salary and welfare
  • Economic empowerment for the church members to sustain them in faith.



  • Construction of church auditorium of 70ft by 40ft (21.35m by 12.2m).
  • Blocks
  • Bags of Cement
  • Public Address system
  • Aluminium roofing sheets and wood.
  • Plumbing works of the toilet and the baptistery
  • Aluminium windows to the windows
  • Doors
  • Painting
  • Electrical wiring
  • Pastor’s salary and welfare
  • Economic empowerment for the church members to sustain them in faith.

On Sunday 10th July 2016 we shared ourselves to worship in both churches. That Sunday 78 worshippers worshiped at Anointed Baptist Church Akelegbe and 123 worshippers worshiped at Goshen Baptist Church Jabbi Benin Republic.


Fig.5: The Pastorium at Akelegbe.

The Pastorium in Akelegbe has been completed and now houses the church Pastor and his family.

We thank God for the privilege given to us to be used in His vineyard.




The first edition of Oke-Ogun MMU Annual Mission Outreach started from our Mission Village at Kotogiri-Igbope, Km8, on Igbope-Igbeti Road on Thursday, 23rd June, 2016 and all the fifteen (15) Association numbering with about 465 men present. They were shared out to villages and farmlands around Igboho, Igbope, Igbeti and Kisi axes.

They were also charged with words on The Great Commission on Thursday evening (23rd June, 2016) and early Friday morning (24th June, 2016) by Rev. M.O. Sangodokun and Rev. M.A. Eniola respectively. Rev. Dr. D.A.A. Oyelade, the First Vice-Chairman of The Nigeria Baptist Convention presented the message.


Delegates visited Yowere, Budo Baba Boni, Okebakun, Bode, Kunbi, Ologede, Tafa, Sooro, Odoogun-Yaye and Budo Bayo around Igboho. Lusubu, Lasi, Ajangba and Lube were visited around Igbope. Gaa Koto Mile 2, Gaa Olowoniijomiata and Gaa Gbadebo were those visited around Igbeti while Ojetete and Mosigada on Kauina Road were visited around Kisi.

Some Community Leaders were visited while some people were met in the market and others on the farm. Being the time of raining season, most of the husbands have gone to the farm and others to the market. Women and children were mostly met. Communication problem also surfaced as many of the people visited were from neighbouring West African countries, Benue State, Kwara State, such as Togolese, Egede, Hausa, Ibaruba, Fulani, Yoruba. They were ministered to with some being enthusiastic some undecided because of their husbands’ absence and some that were Christians before, ready to be more committed. Nine people were ready for baptism at Gaa Koto Mile 2, while three visitors were ready to join the church at Gaa Olowoniijomiata. A Pastor’s wife met at Mosigada assisted in Hausa translation where some that have deserted the church decided to be more committed. Interpreters in French, Hausa, Fulani, Ibaruba, Egede etc would be an added advantage in future.


Pastors and Churches in Oore-Oluwa and Irepo-Ninu-Oluwa that were the host Associations assisted the Union tremendously in provisions and physical presence to make a success of the programme which is highly appreciated by all.




In line with the current evangelistic view of the National MMU as engineered by our President, Hon. Dr. Dawari George, the vision siting the Mission Village at Kotogiri, Km 8 on Igbope-Igbeti road was adopted at the Conference MMU Executive Committee meeting of December, 2013. After the purchase of an acre of land by MMU, First Baptist Church Igbope also purchased and donated another acre of land. Kabiyesi Oba Mathew Atoyebi, The Onigbope of Igbopeland donated a total of four acres for this worthy cause – making six acres of land.


The foundation laying ceremony of a church at the site was carried out on 15th March, 2015 and roofed on 15th July, 2015, though torched by rainstorm that demolished a long span of the building before reconstruction.


The building was dedicated on Thursday, 23rd June, 2016 by the Oke-Ogun Baptist Conference President – Rev. Dr. O.A. Alade. A bore-hole sunk for the Mission Village by The Oorelope Local Government Chairman, Hon. Samuel Okunlade was also dedicated by the Onigbope, Oba Mathew Atoyebi.














The Conference MMU Chairman, Dn. D.A. Ajala presented his address at the occasion. Ogbomoso Conference MMU Chairman was among the dignitaries that attended the occasion. The R.A. Marshal of Nigeria was also in attendance.


All the fifteen Baptist Association in the Oke-Ogun Baptist Conference sent in their delegates. Pastors and Churches in Oore Oluwa and Irepo Ninu Oluwa that were the host Associations assisted the Union tremendously in provisions and physical presence to make a success of the programme which is highly appreciated by all.

We thank God for the privilege given to us to be tools in His hand. This is our account of stewardship in Benin Republic.
We have two churches; Jabbi and Akelegbe. We adopted Goshen Baptist Church Jabbi Benin Republic in 2013 from Global Mission. And Anointed Baptist Church Akelegbe was planted in 2015. The two churches have a paid Pastor in charge. And by the grace of God we do not own these Pastors their salary.
God has helped us build church for the brethren at Jabbi, the brethren at Akelegbe are worshipping under the tent for now. We have the architectural design for the Akelegbe church already. We are trusting God to start the construction work.

Fig 1: – Side view of Goshen Baptist Church Jabbi
Fig. 2:- Front View of Goshen Baptist Church Jabbi
Fig. 3:- Past. M. Akinola ministering to his members at Akelegbe
Fig.4 :- Pastorium at Akelegbe as at January 2016.
The Pastorium has been roof and completed now. And Pastor Michael Akinola has moved into the house.
Fig. 5:- Anointed Baptist Church Akelegbe under the Tent.
Fig.6:- School Premises of Baptist Nursery / Primary School Jabbi

Fig. 7:- School Premises at Jabbi.
Fig. 8:- Church members of Anointed Baptist Church Akelegbe.
– Plastering of the walls inner and outer,
– Flooring of the floor
– Sealing of the roof
– Plumbing works of the toilet and the baptistery
– Aluminium windows to the windows
– Doors
– Painting
– Electrical wiring
– Pastor’s salary and welfare
– Economic empowerment for the church members to sustain them in faith.

For all these there will be need for another N4 million to be spent on the building project.

– Propose church auditorium of 60ft by 30ft (18.3m by 9.15m).
– Blocks
– Bags of Cement
– Public Address system
– Aluminium roofing sheets and wood.
– Pastor’s salary and welfare
– Economic empowerment for the church members to sustain them in faith.
We need a million naira N1,000,000 urgently to house the church before the raining season comes in proper.
– They are pleading for experienced teachers to volunteer to spend time in this school.
– They are in need of bundles of school uniform.
– In need of new or used Macmillan textbooks for Nursery and Primary school.
– Classrooms blocks and teachers lodge.
– In need of teaching aids: – visual and audio-visuals.
– Money to subsidize the pupils schools fees.


Odebunmi O. Elijah
Chairman MMU TAGBA Reporting
June 2016.


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