Baptist Men's Center, Molete Road, by Molete Baptist Church, Ibadan, Nigeria

Baptist Men’s Covenant

"... ye shall be my witnesses ..." - Acts 1:8

Baptist Men’s Covenant

As part of the Baptist Men’s Union in my Church, I commit myself to GATHER with other men in the Spirit for study, fellowship, and mutual support in our common mission task:
EXPERIENCE DAILY ENCOUNTER with the living God in personal prayers and scripture study;
DISCOVER my own gift for personal witness and ministry;
BE INVOLVED in some continuous expression of witness/ministry in the world;
GIVE sacrificially, beginning with the tithe;
ABSTAIN from the sale and consumption of intoxicating drinks as a beverage;
ADHERE to the New Testament teaching of monogamy as God’s ideal state of family life;
STAND clear and away from any secret society and/or cult;
NOT JOINING myself to any secret society or ungodly groupings;
BECOME a mature, informed disciple of Christ;
CELEBRATE the risen, coming Lord in weekly worship;

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